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85th IFA Annual Conference 

22-24 May 2017, Marrakech, Morocco 

1400 chief executives and senior management representatives of the global fertilizer players
your business contacts in this year’s exceptionally large networking and exhibition area; book your own meeting room 
from outstanding speakers on fertilizer demand and supply related issues with a special focus in Sub-Saharan Africa
a 3-day programme of enriching sessions, discussions and entertaining events
the wonders of Marrakech by participating in the City Tour
and other excursions in your free time

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Webinar: What does it take to achieve the triple wins:  Productivity, Sustainability and Resilience

20 April 2017 at 15:00 CET  (Paris time)
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2017 IFA Global Safety Summit 

27-30 March 2017, Amman, Jordan 


The International Fertilizer Association's Technical & SHE Committee will organize its next Global Safety Summit in March 2017 in Amman, Jordan. This unique event is primarily designed for senior managers who are seeking to keep informed of the latest Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) thought leadership in the global fertilizer industry. 

It goes without saying that today’s businesses must ensure that SHE excellence is a strategic business priority for their companies. The IFA’s ongoing organization of this event showcases the industry’s commitment to SHE in production, and it facilitates the necessary knowledge sharing that will allow the fertilizer industry to remain at the top of its game. 

Event highlights include:
  • Four-day conference focusing on Safety, Health and Environmental issues in the global fertilizer industry;
  • Presentation of the IFA's 2017 Green Leaf Award for SHE Excellence;
  • One-day technical visit by plane to the IFA's producer members in the south of Jordan;
  • Participation of approximately 120 SHE leaders from 40 countries, the IFA Executive Board and the Association's top management;
  • Plenty of networking occasions, including a Gala Dinner at the Museum of Jordan.
A 50% discount is applied to all young professionals (35 years and under - for IFA members only)

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2017 IFA Production and International Trade Conference

22-24 February, Paris, France

The annual IFA Production and International Trade Conference is the only IFA event that has a dedicated focus on supply issues and key topics, addressing trade, markets, fertilizer projects, capacity developments, feedstock adequacy and logistics. 

The programme is designed by IFA members for IFA members. 
The 2017 programme will bring key knowledge for tapping opportunities in a challenging market:
  • Take a deep look on the evolution of key fertilizer markets and key fertilizer exporting countries;
  • Learn about the adequacy of feedstocks in global markets (sulphur, natural gas);
  • Seek out the winds of change in global ammonia trade, seaborne dry bulk shipping and terminal developments in EECA;
  • Get a clear assessment of technological progress on NPK production and of different distribution systems;
  • Benefit from the banker’s perspective on financing fertilizer projects;
  • Hear the experts’ views on agriculture markets, and on the impact of exchange rate on fertilizer trade.
You will access to such expertise and insights only at the 2017 IFA PIT Conference in Paris on 22-24 February 2017. 

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IFA Joint Agriculture & Communication Meeting

23-24 January, Rome, Italy

We are delighted to bring together again the members of our Communications & PA and Agriculture Committees for joint strategic discussions as well as our separate Committee and SAT meetings in Rome on 23-24 January 2017 in the center of Rome.  The joint IFA ComAg meeting is being held back-to-back with IPNI’s International Potassium Conference, thus offering a blend of policy and scientific papers for those of you planning to stay the whole week in Rome.

Be sure to join us for another thought provoking and stimulating ComAg meeting featuring the following important topics for the fertilizer industry:
  • how to effectively communicate with policy makers on complex, scientific issues; 
  • examine the concepts of “climate-smart agriculture” and “agroecology” and their implications for the fertilizer industry; 
  • interact with influential stakeholders and share’ views on fertilization and agricultural production systems;
  • get new insights into “cutting-edge communications for the millennial age”; 
  • review and discuss updates on IFA’s communications and nutrient stewardship initiatives. 
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IFA Strategic Forum

26-28 November, Dubai, UAE

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is my pleasure to inform you that registration for IFA’s 2016 Strategic Forum being held in the dynamic city of Dubai from 26-28 of November is now open!

Since feedstocks are a topic that looms large for our industry, November 28 will be dedicated to a strategic examination of key feedstock-related issues, long term trends and policy directions of importance to the nitrogen, phosphate and potash segments of the industry.

On November 27, we will be holding the Opening Session, IFA’s General Meeting and Market Outlook, followed by a Gala dinner graciously hosted by Muntajat that evening.

We will kick this year’s Strategic Forum off with a welcome reception hosted by GPIC on the evening of Saturday, November 26. Please note that IFA Ambassadors and other IFA members with an interest in joining are invited to participate in a strategic planning session with the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), which will be held the afternoon of November 26. IFA’s Young Professionals will also be gathering in Dubai – please do bring along one or more promising young colleagues (at a 50% discounted registration fee) for what promises to be an outstanding program and networking event.

IFA’s members from the Gulf region join me in extending you a warm welcome to Dubai!

Best regards,

Abdulrahman Jawahery
IFA President

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This year, IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific & IFA Production and International Trade Conference will exceptionally be joined 

25-27 October 2016, Singapore

Focusing on the pivotal Asian region and Pacific basin, IFA’s Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference is an extremely popular event, with more than 400 participants in attendance. This event is organized under the guidance of the Regional Board Members for all members with an interest in Asia and the Pacific as well as newcomers acquainting themselves with the Association in view of potential membership.

The annual IFA Production and International Trade Conference offers experts’ perspectives on key industry supply-related issues and provides networking opportunities with senior executives in charge of strategic investment, global marketing, procurement and logistic matters.

Deadline: 31 July 2016 

Topics eligible for presentation include, among others:
  • Prospects for agriculture and fertilizer demand in Asia-Pacific countries;
  • New fertilizer projects in the region;
  • Regional nutrient stewardship initiatives;
  • Policy/regulatory changes that could impact regional fertilizer.
Should you be interested in presenting a paper, please contact:
Patrick Heffer (Crossroads Conference), Michel Prud'homme (PIT Conference)

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84th IFA Annual Conference

30 May - 1 June 2016, Moscow, Russia 

Welcome to IFA Moscow 2016 from IFA.

Dear IFA members,

It gives me great pleasure to formally announce IFA 2016, which will be held in the beautiful and impressive city center of Moscow from May 30-June 1. We know that networking is your top priority at the annual conference and towards this end, we have carefully chosen a configuration of hotels within walking distance and with plenty of networking spaces. As we did in Istanbul, we will also set up a separate common networking space at the Headquarter Hotel, The Ritz Carlton Moscow, for IFA members who do not book their own meeting space.

We do ask that you take a break from networking to join us for the two joint sessions we are planning: IFA 2016 will begin on Monday with a panel on fertilizer demand and keynote speeches. Wednesday afternoon, we will be holding our General Meeting and presenting the long-term fertilizer market outlook. IFA will also plan some further sessions to highlight some of our initiatives which you may wish to join and we will again be convening our industry’s future leaders (who enjoy a 50% discount on registration).

With IFA’s Russian members actively preparing for this meeting already for several months, this is an IFA annual meeting not be missed! Our friends at Uralchem and Uralkali will host a reception and performance the evening of May 30, and Eurochem, Phosagro and Acron are hosting another wonderful Traditional Russian evening on Wednesday evening. I already extend to them a very hearty Spasibo !

Please find herewith further information about the conference and the registration process. Please be sure to take a look at visa requirements in particular and make sure to start the process early. We will be sending regular updates on IFA 2016 in the weeks and months ahead.

Thank you and very much looking forward to seeing all of you in Moscow,

Abdulrahman Jawahery 
IFA President

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4th International Conference on Slow- and Controlled-Release and Stabilized Fertilizers

4-6 April 2016, Beijing, China 

Aim of the conference:

To update our knowledge in the fields of research and development, agronomic and environmental benefits, economics of use, policy and regulatory framework, current market and outlook for these products, as in particular the world production capacity is quickly increasing. The conference programme will feature presentations by scientists, crop advisors, regulators and industry representatives, and a poster session will allow the presentation of commercial products.

The scope of the conference covers the following fertilizer products:
  • Slow- and Controlled-Release Fertilizers (SCRSFs) 
  • Fertilizers stabilized with urease or nitrification inhibitors
Speaker presentations will cover the following subjects:
  • Current market for SCRSFs (World market & Chinese market) 
  • SCRSFs and Nutrient Management Performance 
  • Economic Performance of SCRSFs 
  • Regulatory/policy issues on SCRSFs 
  • Emerging technologies in SCRSFs 
  • Addressing farmers’ expectations: results of surveys, farmers’ interviews, overcoming adoption constraints.
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IFA Global Technical Symposium

14-17 March 2016, New Delhi, India 

Technology and process improvements in fertilizer production have been strategic priorities for the industry for decades now, as continual improvement has become a necessity rather than a mere luxury. Furthermore, the widespread adoption of best available techniques globally has largely been facilitated by the information exchange and networking possibilities offered by IFA’s global technical events.

The IFA Technical Symposium, which is held every two years, represents the premier global meeting place not only for senior fertilizer executives, production directors and process engineers but also for top industry leaders. Participants in the Symposium will have access to thought leadership in fertilizer production management – covering issues of critical importance to IFA member producers in order to continually lower operating costs, improve efficiency, and reduce the environmental footprint. The 2016 edition will be organized in partnership with The Fertiliser Association of India (FAI).

Event highlights:
  • Two-day conference with side events and technical visit;
  • Participation of approximately 200 technical leaders from 40 countries, including the IFA Executive Board and FAI leaders;
  • New marketing and PR opportunities with exhibition booths and sponsorship packages.
Major topics:
  • Fertilizer innovation;
  • Climate change;
  • Best available techniques (BAT) and practices.
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IFA Joint Agriculture & Communication Meeting

26-28 January 2016, Rome, Italy

Following the International Year of Soils, the first day of the 2016 COMAG Seminar (annual joint meeting of the Communication & Public Affairs and Agriculture Committees) will offer reflections on achievements and discuss future initiatives and recommendations for promotion and outreach with renowned speakers and delegates of the FAO during a day devoted to Sustainable Plant Nutrition and Soil Health.

Key topics of the second and third day will cover:
  • Innovation: strategies to improve and modernize the image of the fertilizer industry
  • Nitrogen use efficiency: Global assessment, negotiations on monitoring, the way forward    
  • Climate Change: following up on COP 21 and its value for the industry
  • Nutrient management
The event will feature notorious FAO representatives and distinguished guest speakers throughout the whole seminar to feed into the debate of value adding research and communications strategies.

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IFA Strategic Forum

18-19 November 2015, Paris, France

Dear IFA Members,

It gives me great pleasure to announce IFA’s Strategic Forum will be held in Paris on 18-19 November. The Strategic Forum is IFA’s second general meeting of the year and is intended to engage all of us in – as the name implies – strategic discussions about opportunities and challenges facing our industry. I would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief overview of what will be on the agenda in Paris.

Following the Agribusiness panel organized at the 2014 Strategic Forum in Marrakech, where we had presentations from a range of actors in the agricultural and food value chain, we will be featuring some dynamic leaders from the NGO (non-governmental organizations) community during our opening session on 18 November. These NGO leaders will be speaking with us about the different ways in which they engage with the private sector, including our industry. The second day of our meeting will feature experts on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to give us an overview of what is at stake in these negotiations just prior to the so-called “COP 21” which will convene the world’s climate change negotiators in Paris with the aim of reaching an agreement to combat climate change. Given that this is a major UN negotiation, I hope you will find such an overview useful. Considering that our industry is responsible for circa 50% of the global food supply and has helped protect forests and grassland from conversion to cropping, the estimated 2% of total global greenhouse gases emitted from fertilizer production, distribution and application, is quite negligible, but speakers will also be invited to address opportunities to achieve further efficiencies both in fertilizer application and production.

IFA’s popular short term fertilizer demand and supply forecast will also be presented at the Strategic Forum, in addition to updates on IFA activities.

Please note that “future fertilizer leaders” may register at half price. I would like to encourage all of you to bring along one or more promising young person(s) from your companies to provide them with exposure to the international industry and these topics, and to ensure a bright future for our industry. I noticed that a considerable majority of the young leaders joining us in Istanbul were young men, so let me also encourage you to support your young women future leaders in particular.

We have some terrific evenings lined up for you in Paris. I am most grateful to Yara for sponsoring our opening gala reception, which will be held in a most iconic venue affording a spectacular view of the “City of Lights” – the Eiffel Tower! To close off the meeting, GPIC is delighted to offer a reception on 19 November.

Charlotte and I are looking forward to seeing many of you at IFA’s 2015 Strategic Forum!

Best regards,

Abdulrahman Jawahery
IFA Chairman

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IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific

20-22 October 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Focusing on the pivotal Asian region and Pacific basin, IFA’s Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference is an extremely popular event, with more than 400 participants in attendance. This event is organized under the guidance of the Regional Board Members for all members with an interest in Asia and the Pacific as well as newcomers acquainting themselves with the Association in view of potential membership.

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Phosphate Fertilizer Production Technology

5-9 October 2015, Berlin, Germany

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IFA Production and International Trade Conference

21-23 September 2015, Tampa, Florida, USA

Benefits of attending IFA PIT Conference:
  • Increase your knowledge: Hear experts sharing their views on the most pressing industry’s opportunities and challenges.
  • Broaden your horizons: Benefit from discussions with experts on innovative approach and discover Mosaic’s unique phosphate operations in Florida.
  • Expand your networking: Meet with the industry’s senior executives.
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Nitrogen Fertilizer Production Technology

22-26 June 2015, Vienna, Austria

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83rd IFA Annual Conference

25-27 May 2015, Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Delegates,

It is my great pleasure to formally announce IFA’s Annual Meeting to be held in Istanbul from 25-27 May of 2015! Aptly referred to as the “City of all Senses,” Istanbul will not only provide a great venue for our annual meeting, but also entice you with its wonderful sights, sounds and smells!

I would like to point out a few changes to the IFA 2015 program made in response to your feedback on previous annual meetings. The program has been shortened and some additional space for your networking needs will be made available. We are keen to enhance your networking opportunities, but also ask that you do attend the two main Sessions being held on Monday (Session I: Opening, which will start with the Fertilizer Demand Panel) and Wednesday (Session II: General Meeting and Market Outlook), as your participation is important! Please also note that the gala dinner will be held this year on Monday evening rather than the closing evening, enabling more of you to attend.

To help mark the International Year of Soils, our keynote speaker will be Dr Pedro Sanchez, one of the world’s most preeminent soil scientists. We are delighted that he will engage us in a conversation on the role of fertilizers in soil health, a topic of great importance to our industry as well as to food security around the world.

Following a first future fertilizer leaders’ meeting held at the Strategic Forum in Marrakech, and keeping in mind the need to ensure the long-term success of our industry, please note that IFA will be hosting a special workshop and cocktail for the industry’s future leaders (aged 35 and younger) on Tuesday afternoon. These young leaders are entitled to a 50% discount on the IFA 2015 registration fee, so please be sure to bring them along.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you in May in my hometown!

Esin Mete
IFA President

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IFA Global Safety Summit

23-26 March 2015, Vancouver, Canada

The IFA Technical & SHE Committee is delighted to announce the organization of the 2015 Global Safety Summit in Vancouver under the theme “Safety, Health and Environment management throughout the product life cycle”. Supported by the Canadian Fertilizer Institute (CFI), this unique event will showcase the industry’s achievements and innovations in safety management, and will highlight best practices leading to SHE excellence in operations. 

Some reasons to participate include the opportunity:
  • To share your experiences and best practices in SHE management and to network with over 100 industry peers from around the world
  • To help build commitment on behalf of the fertilizer industry and its stakeholders towards excellence in safety, health and environment
  • To demonstrate to the local communities and the public at large that the fertilizer industry has taken and is taking action to continually improve safety in production
  • To observe safety measures and systems in person during the visit to the Vancouver port facilities
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IFA Bridging Thoughts Joint Agriculture & Communications Meeting

13-14 January 2015, Paris, France

  • What are the key global issues affecting the fertilizer industry worldwide?
  • Why does the UN matter for the fertilizer industry?
  • How can we promote nutrient stewardship globally?
  • How can the industry develop joint positions and campaigns on the most pressing topics?
Following members’ feedback from last year, we invited more external speakers to this meeting and provided more meals. Because of these new features, we are kindly asking our members to pay a registration fee to compensate these extra costs.

We hope that you will be able to join the Communication and Public Affairs Committee and the Agriculture Committee for this event. The schedule will allow for dedicated, as well as joint sessions for each group.

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